In this Article you will learn how to install a new Hard Disk Drive for the IconBit XDS1003D, installing a new upgrade, and how to turn the IconBit XDS1003D into a network media player.

How to install the latest update on the XDS1003D.

  • First Off we need to download the latest update from the website,
  • The latest firmware as of today is the xfw_XDS1003D_v10.1.1.r9727_(19.11.12)_2.02_EN.ZIP
  • Get a Pendrive and format it into FAT32 Format

    • To format simply connect it to a PC,
    • Make sure the pendrive is empty cause this process will delete all the content
    • Right Click on the Pendrive
    • Format
    • Select FAT32 from the drop down menu
    • Then hit OK
  • Extract the ZIP file containing the downloaded firmware and copy the file (*.Img) on USB Flash drive,
  • Disconnect XDS1003D from power
  • Connect the USB Flash drive to XDS1003D
  • Remove all connections from the media player
  • Connect the HDMI cable from the TV to XDS1003D
  • Connect the power adapter
  • Press and hold the button with a U on the rear panel
  • Power on the Media player whilst holding the U button until you see UPGRADE on the LED display of the media player
  • Once you see the displayed notification release the U button
  • Wait for the firmware update to install
  • Once ready the XDS1003D will turn off

How to install an internal Hard Disk (HDD) on the XDS1003D

  • First off, this device will accept 3.5″ SATA hard disks of any size,
  • To install it unplug all connections from the media player
  • Turn over the media player and remove all the screws at the bottom (4 in total),
  • Remove the panel and using the screws found in the XDS box, fasten the HDD to the panel you just removed
  • Inside the Media player you'll find two loose cables which you need to connect to the drive
  • Re- assemble the media player, making sure every screw is fastened tight
  • Hook it up to the TV and mains
  • Go to Settings
  • Then System
  • Scroll Down until you find FORMAT
  • Click on it and follow the onscreen prompts
  • Select NTFS
  • Click on Format
  • Wait until you are prompted to restart the system

Turning the IconBit XDS1003D into a Network Media Player

  • Make sure the player is connected to the network
  • Go to Settings
  • Then System
  • Scroll down until you'll see Android
  • Change it from OFF to ON
  • Go back to the Main Menu
  • Select Services
  • Scroll down to;

    • Ushare and xupnpd and change them from OFF to ON.
  • You Media Player is now live on your network and can be accessed via any DLNA or UPNP device.
  • The settings you just did will need to be done again if you ever disconnect the Media Player from the mains, so make sure you remember them.

How To: IconBit XDS1003D

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