Dead Rising 2 Review

There is something about running a chainsaw equipped dirt bike through a sea of zombies that just screams awesome. We have seen A LOT of games revolving around the world of zombies, but only a few have what it takes to be the best, and yes Dead Rising 2 is one of the best zombie games i have ever played in my life.

Plot: Set in Fortune City, five years after the prequel's outbreak, Chuck Greene is now working for TIR to earn some extra cash to buy Zombrex to keep his only child alive. Call it a de ja vu' in the Zombie entertainment, but guess what…. yes there is indeed a zombie outbreak and Chuck needs to keep him self and his daughter alive. Finding shelter with other survivors, Chuck has to complete small missions in order to survive until help arrives and during these missions Chuck stumbles upon the reason for the outbreak, and he decides to take justice in his own hands.

Gameplay: The gameplay mechanics are pretty straight forward, grab stuff and kill zombies, if you are to lazy to grab items to jam through zombies' eye sockets you can punch and kick the living hell out of them. The customization and inventory of the weapons in never ending, and i'm not even kidding you can kill a zombie with a garbage bag, a tomahawk attached to a broom, a coat hanger, an extinguisher, a shoe / show box, an empty cake box, and so on so forth. The gameplay is pure fun, silly, and addicting as hell, and its hard to give a crap about anything else when you're wearing a mouse head and running through zombies in a shopping mall. The only flaws the game has, is that there is no autosave so if you die mid mission you'll loose all you XP.

Audio & Video Quality: Graphics aren't a monumental thing in this game, but nothing out of Capcom is, except for the fact that the game handles having 7000 zombies on screen at once. The graphics are pretty basic when compared to games released in the same period, and it does suffer a lot from screen tearing. The enemy A.I. is great, and the surrounding textures are great. The facial expressions and facial characteristics are sometimes freaky to say the least but nothing matters when you are murdering zombies. The audio quality is average, it's not bad, but when you compare it to either Killzone, Infamous, or Gears of War you fell like there is something missing. The voice acting is funny to say the least though you don't really care. The soundtrack is great, it really bolds well to listen to Celldweller tracks whilst jamming a coat hanger up a zombies nose .

Personal Impact: This game is as fun as zombie games can ever get, i think it's in a genre of its own. There is no other game that can give you thesame feeling of awesome this game gives you, and there is a sheer sense of weirdness and comedy especially when you see the occasional transvestite zombie in a victorian outfit pushing a wheelchair.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10