First launched back in 2009, Some Guys One Mic (SGOM) started off as an amateur gaming podcast to be enjoyed by gamers and geeks alike. With the launch of the second season, Some Guys One Mic introduced their website, offering the gaming public unbiased games reviews, and news. Prior to Season 3, SGOM launched an RSS Feed which made it available for everyone to stream or download the show through RSS on Android, and Apple products! After the RSS feed was launched, The Some Guys One Mic show was officially the first Maltese Podcast to be published on the iTunes Store and

In 2012 the website was redesigned and the decision was taken to re-launch the podcast series in English. Marking their fourth anniversary owner and founder, Matthew Cesareo, launched his first Web Comic, titled, ‘Suddenly Beards…Everywhere’, which halted after a couple of month due to Matthew’s procrastination and chronic masturbation problems. That same year the guys were guests at the Malta Comic Con, and had the honor to host Rufus Dyglo, Marama Corlett, and a slew of indie devs on their show.

In March 2015 the show abruptly ended for a hiatus due to Matthew’s venture in the TV industry. However in 2017 his blog returned online on a revamped site. SGOM returned in 2018, and will not only focus on gaming, but lifestyle altogether. From porn to beer and tattoos, SGOM will have something for everyone.

Some Guys One Mic was and will always be a non-profit organisation with no hidden agendas, giving the public unbiased views from a non filtered source.